how to ask about prices in Italian

How to ask about prices when shopping in Italy

hot to ask about prices in italian

A show of hands from those who have never had a craving for shopping. If you are one of the few virtuous, you won't be interested in this article.

However, if you are not one of them, read the sentences below to learn how to ask about prices in Italian.

You can also listen to the recording and practice the pronunciation by yourself.

The most common way for asking about prices is "quanto costa?" / "quanto costano?". Often people mention what they are asking about. For example: "quanto costa questa maglietta?" ("how much is this t-shirt?") or "quanto costano questi pantaloni?" (how much are these trousers?)

How much is this?

How much are these?

If you want to sound more formal, you can say "che prezzo ha?" / "che prezzo hanno?" or, with no difference between singular and plural "può dirmi il prezzo?".

What is the price? (singular item)


What is the price? (plural items)


Can you tell me the price?

Lastly, if you are at the cash desk and you want to know how much is the bill, you can easily ask: "quant'è?"

How much is the bill?

Now you are ready for shopping in Italy. Buoni acquisti! ;)