Italian Idiom: Stare a Mollo


There are a lot of ways to have sea bath. You could be a dynamic person. So you can’t wait to go to the sea to swim, to snorkel or to surf. You could be at the opposite, instead. You could love to go to the beach to put yourself in the water and stay.

In Italian, the last option is STARE A MOLLO. These days, Italy has been hit by a scorching heatwave, with record high temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

In this situation, vorrei stare a mollo tutto il giorno!

I will sit and sock in the sea water for the whole day!

You can also use the expression STARE A MOLLO referring to things or food. In this case, the slightly different version TENERE A MOLLO is more common.

For example,

Tieni a mollo i piatti prima di lavarli.

Soak the plates before you wipe them.

Il macellaio mi ha consigliato di tenere a mollo la carne prima di cucinarla.

I got a great tip from the butcher on soaking the meat before you cook it.