This placement test is designed to give you and me a quick and approximate rating of your Italian language skills. Having done the test, you will be given your result and information about your estimated Italian level.

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If you stuck at a standstill with your language learning, don't give up! Here at The Italian Midday, you can find all you need to succed.  

 I'm Emanuela, an italian teacher, and I'll take you trough imparare l'Italiano passo passo!

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primo passo - step 1

It's very easy to give up a language learning process when you have reached a basic level. Once you can say buongiorno or ask che ore sono? the temptation is to give up. I know. But if you are planning to move to Italy or if you already live here, you need to know something more. This guide contains a method, a way to learn step by step.

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secondo passo - step 2

Although second-language learning is traditionally said to be an individual cognitive phenomenon, we have to remember that language is above all a system of communication. Partecipating in a community that uses Italian can help you in learning because in this situation your target-language goes back to be a tool to mediate community activities.

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